It’s about me (myself) helping you (yourself)

Whether you are

  • A finance manager in a large international organisation and are looking for coaching for yourself or a member/members of your team
  • A learning and development manager looking for group coaching and interactive workshops
  • A finance director looking for an extra pair of hands 

I can help

Applying my coaching skills, I help individuals quieten their inner critic and re kindle the fun and energy in their work.

As a Chartered Accountant and expert in IFRS reporting, I take on short term assignments.

About me

Born and raised in England, I re-located to the Netherlands in 2003 and live near Leiden with my 2 dogs.

Key words people have used to describe me include open and grounded and that I make people feel at ease.

If I were asked to describe myself, it would be a friendly, loyal, dependable person who holds herself accountable.


Does your job still have variety or has it become routine?

Is it causing you so much stress or frustration that you’re constantly tired?


I give you:

Space to
Explore options
Learn more about yourself and

So that You:

Drawing on the many tools and techniques I have learnt through the Henley Business School, as well as my training in Positive Intelligence, I offer individual and group coaching, as well as interactive presentations and workshops.


Do you have an ad hoc project where you need an extra pair of hands ?
Do you need someone to cover an employee that is on materniy leave, or to temporarily fill in for an employee that has left?
Do your procedures and polices need to be documented or updated ?

I give you:

A person who is Precise, analytical, committed, and structured
Has 20+ years of working in corporate organisations
Is an IFRS expert
Has worked with SAP and Hyperion

So that You:

Joya Ahluwalia – Corporate Communications Lead
Lees verder
What I most appreciated about the work with Lindsey was that she helped me break things down into bite size chunks and asked the type of question that deepened the conversation. This was important to me to help build a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve and the difference that’s made is that I approach things in a more calm manner and can focus on my strengths.”
Susan Jordan – Economic Reporting Accountant
Lees verder
What I most appreciated about the support given by Lindsey was she not only drew on her coaching skills but was able to combine that with her accountancy knowledge. This was particularly valuable to me as we could discuss in depth some of my tasks and I knew she really understood the issues and helped me come up with practical solutions. She made me realise that, although solving issues on my own may be quicker, it does not provide a long term solution and that time spent investing in others is vital both to the development of these people, as well as for my own sanity.
Carol Steel – Head of Finance at Connection Support
Lees verder
Lindsey helped me to transform my approach to an overwhelming workload and enabled me to establish a healthier work-life balance. Her warmth and good humour, combined with her remarkable insight, meant that the sessions not only flew by, but also left me with ways to handle the challenges involved with my role.”

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